The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs - aka 2 Guys, 1 Hammer - aka 3 Guys, 1 Hammer

Snuff films, which the majority of people don’t believe actually exist, are a “genre” of films depicting death specifically for financial gain....
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  1. Snuff films, which the majority of people don’t believe actually exist, are a “genre” of films depicting death specifically for financial gain. This one stops just short of that.

    These young men did this for the sheer spectacle of it.

    Named by its many viewers, this case comes from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine where Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuck, both 19, decided to film some of the brutal murders in a string of random killings carried out in June and July of 2007. One of which leaked to the Internet; the one here.

    They were charged with 21 murders in all. Most of which were committed with hammers and steel bars, and were usually concentrated on the victims’ faces – rendering most unrecognizable.

    The video that leaked to the Internet features 48-year-old Sergei Yatzenko, who was married and had two sons. He was a cancer survivor who had just recently gotten some of his voice back after having a tumor removed.

    He was murdered on July 12, 2007. At around 2:30 pm, he had phoned to let his wife know he was going to see his son. He never made it to his son’s house.

    When the video begins, we see Sergei lying on his back in a wooded area with a box lying on his chest. Already drifting in and out of consciousness, Sergei pushes the box off of his chest right before Igor Suprunyuck strikes him 6 times in the face with a hammer concealed in a plastic bag.

    He stops only briefly before one additional blow to the face.

    The camera, held by Viktor Sayenko, then pans away for a few moments and then back to Sergei.

    At this point, you can hear Sergei’s gargled breathing as Sayenko zooms in. The 2 young men can be heard laughing as Sergei continues trying to breathe. His face is covered in blood and pouring from his nose.

    Unconscious at this point, Sergei’s plight is filmed from different angles as his breathing becomes more and more labored.

    As if the above wasn’t enough, one of the attackers then begins stabbing Sergei’s belly with a screwdriver. He prods and probes – presumably trying to do as much internal damage as possible. Sergei lets out faint moans as this takes place.

    This continues for several moments before Igor then moves to his face where he essentially slides the screwdriver around.

    Still moaning and/or struggling to breathe, Sergei is then subjected to Igor stepping on his abdominal area as Viktor gets in another couple of stabs.

    At this point, the attackers can be heard laughing again as Sergei seems to regain some semblance of consciousness and moves his arms.

    The camera then shows the face of one of the attackers, Igor Suprunyuck, for the first time; a smile firmly planted on his face as the laughter continues.

    Sergei is then stabbed a few more times in the belly before the attacker briefly pauses and then moves to his face again.

    Unfathomably, the attacker then starts jabbing the screwdriver into Sergei’s left eye repeatedly. Sergei’s left arm and hand slowly come up in an attempt to cover it.

    A few moments later, Igor again uses the hammer, now uncovered, to move Sergei’s arm and hand out of the way and inflict 3 more savage blows to the side of his head. We no longer hear Sergei utter a sound.

    The young men then leave him to die as they head to the nearby road where Igor takes a bottle of water out of the trunk of a car and cleans off the hammer.

    The two of them again laugh as they begin to express their surprise at how Sergei had survived as long as he did. The video ends shortly thereafter.

    They were caught when, during one of their earlier murders, a victim survived. A second killing had been witnessed from just a few feet away. And yet another had been witnessed from a distance by many who gave chase, only to lose them.

    Investigators, reportedly numbering at around 2000, started putting together witness testimonies and sketches of the attackers, as well as canvassing local pawn shops for the few items stolen from some of the victims.

    On July 23, 2007, they were caught when Igor and Viktor were trying to sell a mobile phone stolen from one of their victims. When the phone was turned on, investigators traced its whereabouts and arrested them at the cash register.

    On February 11, 2009, Igor Suprunyuck and Viktor Sayenko were found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison. They were also found guilty of robbery and animal cruelty and given further sentences. A third conspirator, Alexander Hanzha, was found guilty of robbery and sentenced to 9 years in prison.

    It should be noted that the death penalty is not in effect in Ukraine.
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