Join our Discord Server!

Here at Death Addict - Death is a Hell of a Drug, we have officially moved our chat room to our own public Discord server!


This Discord server is integrated directly with Death Addict. What does this mean? This means that, if you want to, you can log into Death Addict using your Discord account (after you've linked your accounts together).

By linking your Discord account together with your Death Addict account, you'll also confirm who you are. This will help to prevent people from pretending to be other members.

Linked accounts will automatically get moved around to matching roles on the Discord server based on your usergroups on Death Addict. Mods will still be mods, etc

Linking your Discord account to your Death Addict account is easy.

Just log in at Death Addict and head to your External Accounts Control Panel. Scroll down to the Discord Integration section and follow the steps to link your accounts.

You'll be asked to give Death Addict permission to view your account details. Make sure to authorize those permissions.

You'll see, in real time, the status of your membership on our Discord server change to reflect those authorizations.

If you think you're not getting the same Discord "roles" that you think you should have, then disassociate your Discord account from Death Addict and try again.

This server and its integration with Death Addict is a work in progress. Because of this, we're very open to suggestions and requests.

If you have any suggestions and requests that you think would help, definitely let us know!