A woman got an eraser stuck in her ear for 12 years here's what it looked like when she got it out

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    A woman on Reddit said that she had an eraser fragment in her ear for more than a decade — until yesterday, when she finally fished it out. Now, photographic evidence of the extraction is captivating members of the /r/popping subreddit.

    On Tuesday, Redditor Queen_Semiramis uploaded a photo to the subreddit with the title, "12 years ago I put a piece of eraser in my ear. I got it out yesterday."

    In the comments section, Queen_Semiramis did not explain why she put the eraser in her ear. (INSIDER has reached out to her for comment, but has yet to hear back.) She did, however, write that she "ignored it and hoped it would fix itself," citing a fear of doctors as the reason she never sought medical help.

    She also explained that she used a comedone extractor — the same metal tool Dr. Pimple Popper uses to unclog pores — to finally dig the eraser out of her ear canal. She had tried to remove the eraser previously, but this latest attempt was the first time her efforts came to fruition.

    "It was itchy all today so I grabbed a metal zit popping tool and stuck it in there and too [sic] my surprise it just fell out," she wrote. "Could not believe it."

    The eraser came out covered in earwax. Here's how it looked:
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    I bet she can hear better now.
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