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    nunya damn
    The "giant horror plant" that recently popped up in Virginia sent a teen working his summer job to the VCU Medical Center burn unit in Richmond, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

    Alex Childress, who plans on attending Virginia Tech in the fall, was weed-whacking around Fredericksburg on Tuesday when he stumbled across a plant he thought was just that—a big weed.

    He cut it down and discarded it in the forest, but not before it had slid across his arm and face. When his father came home later that day, he was met with a shocking sight.

    "The top layer of skin on the left side of [Alex's] face basically was gone and appeared to be like a really bad burn that had already peeled," Justin Childress says, noting that Alex thought he'd gotten a bad sunburn.

    That night, when he took a shower, Alex tells People, "big chunks of my face were falling off."

    It was Alex's mother, a nurse, who made the connection with the giant hogweed plant, and he confirmed when she showed him a photo.

    (See one here.) The 17-year-old received intensive treatment for second- and third-degree burns for three days. Because the plant was tossed away, botanists have not been confirmed it was a giant hogweed, but Alex's ailments are in line with its dangers.

    The plant has turned up for the first time in at least three Virginia counties so far this year. On a GoFundMe to pay for his medical bills, which has so far raised $7,000 or so, Alex writes that he had a full scholarship to Virginia Tech through the Army ROTC, but "I may end up [losing] it now because of medical disqualification," adding, "I am not one to ask for help I am always helping other people whenever and wherever I can, but now I am in need of help."

    This article originally appeared on Newser: Teen Ends Up in Burn Unit After Cutting Down 'Weed'
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    Now plants can attack!!!! No where is safe!!
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    good to know.
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    good to know

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    Las Vegas
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    Lol I love that movie! And that was a serial killer plant! This is just a savage sociopathic plant that seeks violence for violence’s sake lol
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    nothing now
    Logan,West Virginia
    never heard of this plant before this
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    May 31, 2017
    Damn...poison ivy isn't the only thing to worry about wiping your ass with while camping!! LOL
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    Fuck me it’s day of the triffids finally coming to life
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    I have these all over my property and I'm in Indiana. Never thought these were dangerous, just an annoying ass weed
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    This plant would be a wonderful gift to give the ex wife for her next birthday!!

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