Dad 'doused three-year-old daughter with petrol and set her on fire because she was "too beautiful"

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    A father doused his young daughter with petrol and set her on fire during a fit of rage because she was "too beautiful", a courthas heard.

    The girl, who was aged three at the time, suffered "severe and life-threatening burns" to 13% of her body and was left with permanent scars following the attack.

    Her older sister, aged seven, was also doused with petrol but she was not set on fire.

    An off-duty police officer who lived next door heard screams and ran over to help, covering the younger girl with a blanket to extinguish the flames, the court heard.

    The girls' father, Edward John Herbert, admits he intended to kill the girls but has pleaded not guilty to five charges including, attempted to kill his daughters, on account of being unsound of mind, the West Australian reports.

    The Supreme Court of Western Australia heard the father-of-three had spent the day smoking cannabis and drinking before the incident at the family's home in the Perth, Australia, suburb of Doubleview in August 2015.

    Amanda Forrester, prosecuting, said Herbert chased his partner with a knife and threatened to blow up the house before setting his daughter on fire.

    The court heard that his partner tried to keep him calm but at one point he told her "the werewolf is coming" and then before midnight said "that's it, bitch, I am going to kill you", ABC reports.

    He poured petrol over the younger girl in front of his partner and then set her on fire before pouring petrol over the older girl, who has autism and special needs.

    Off-duty police officer Stephanie Bochorsky heard a commotion and went to help, finding the three-year-old with her head on fire in her cot.

    She told court how she covered the girl with a blanket to put out the fire and then pulled both children from the room.

    Neighbour Daniel McMillan told court that he went into the home and found Herbert pacing in the kitchen and drinking a beer.

    Mr McMillan said he asked Herbert what he had done, and he replied that he had set his youngest daughter on fire because she was "too beautiful".

    Herbert said "they were his kids" and he could do whatever he wanted.

    Mr McMillan said Herbert threw bottles at him and lunged at him with a knife, but he was able to disarm him and hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher.

    As Herbert's son was removed from the home, the father allegedly said: "Don't worry, I wouldn't have lit my boy up."

    The court was told that Herbert was a heavy cannabis user and drinker, and that he had been getting angry "all the time".

    Ms Forrester said he appeared to double his cannabis use in the days before the attack and was drinking almost an entire carton of beer every day.

    His partner told the court in a witness statement that he seemed paranoid and angry, and he talked about werewolves and stripped naked before setting their daughter on fire.

    She said: “(The girl’s) face was red and dark brown with her hair short and singed. She looked at me like she was in shock.”

    The trial continues.

    Dad 'doused three-year-old daughter with petrol and set her on fire because she was "too beautiful"' - Mirror Online
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    Feb 3, 2017
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    Anywhere but here...
    He'll probably end up in a mental health facility because... werewolves... fucker will be back on the street in a year or two :mad: :mad:
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    Being an Australian I had not heard about this, although I don't really follow the news.

    However I reckon what's going to happen is he'll be charged with attempted murder & if found guilty will be sentence to life in prison (25 years maximum sentence) I doubt there will be any parole for this wacko & he will be required to attend a mental health screening to determine whether or not he's clinically insane. (I think we all know the answer to that mystery!) Then again he was under the affects of drugs & alcohol so perhaps he'll also be charged with drug offences as well. (Cannabis is illegal in Australia unless for medical reasons.)

    Australia from what I am aware of won't take the whole "insanity" plea like the American courts do & let them off without doing some time & getting treatment. The dude was a loose cannon from the get go, I don't understand why people didn't see this sooner, it's just lucky that the neighbours heard the commotion and were there at the right time.
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    nothing now
    Logan,West Virginia
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    I'm feeling angry with these horrible parent stories :(

    Things like his never go away for the child. Ever. Scars are physical, emotional, mental.


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