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    NotSureWhy Drawing Blood

    Apr 7, 2018
    Dominatrix, most elements of this, for me it's more of the tormenting and psychological element. Main thing is that she enjoys making me suffer. Only thing I don't like is having rods pushed inside penis!

    Started thinking about women dominating me in primary/first school e.g female teachers punishing me. If the cane had of still been in use I would have intentionally misbehaved so the teacher would cane me!

    Love any type of breath control, best though is simple, female straddling me, strangling me with her bare hands while watching me suffer. Then releasing her grip to let me beg for mercy, which she would ignore, laugh and carry on!

    Executrix movies are great to watch

    But as the years tick by, I find myself thinking about switching and experiencing being a Dom! Not tried yet but hope to soon.
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