Man Beat Pedophiles and Sex Offenders With A Hammer

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    Vigilante justice, anyone? What he did here was pretty bad ass, sans the robbing part. But to each their own, I suppose.

    According to Alfred NG of NY Daily News, using Anchorage’s public online sex offender registry to locate up to three offenders, Jason Vukovich allegedly broke into his victims’ homes and bashed in their heads with a hammer in June.
    NG says, “One of his victims landed on the sex offender registry 10 years ago, after pleading no contest to attempted sexual abuse of a minor.”

    “He said, ‘I’m an avenging angel, I’m going to mete out justice for the people you hurt,’” Wesley Demarest, one of the people Vukovich tracked down, told a local news station.

    Police said Vukovich was arrested the same night he allegedly hammered in Demarest’s skull. Police also found a notebook with his victims’ names listed in it, with addresses he found from the registry. Vukovich, 41, is also accused of robbing the three victims after his vengeful beatings.

    On the website, users can find sex offenders and child kidnappers through a database by name, zip code, and city, or through a map with details of the person’s address and photos, along with conviction dates, and employer’s information.

    NG states, “the sex-offender avenger revealed he had been molested and beaten by his adoptive father when he was a child, he wrote in a letter from jail to the Anchorage Dispatch News.”

    “’What I can say at this time is that after being physically and mentally abused by a predator, my life was forever changed,’ Vukovich wrote in his letter.

    “He said he targeted sexual offenders in hopes of supporting children ‘in pursuit of their dreams,’ writing that kids should be able to live ‘without the threat of pedophiles lingering around them.’”

    Vukovich plead not guilty to the charges of robbery and assault. He is being held on a $100,000 bail, and scheduled to return to court on Oct. 17. He faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted.

    Source: Man Used Internet Registry to Track down and Beat Pedophiles and Sex Offenders With A Hammer
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    Patiently awaiting death
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    Feb 3, 2017
    Don't put him on trial, throw him a parade.
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    I full heartedly agree
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    This should be a Career choice.
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    Only problem I have with this is that you can get labeled a sex offender for stuff that doesn't necessarily deserve a skull beating. For instance if you piss on a headstone or someone falsley accuses you of rape
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    very true
    Had a friend who was dating a guy when we were in high school that.was 18 and she was a month shy of 17 when her mom busted them in her room. Called the cops and had she not backed out this poor guy would have had to register as a sex offender his whole life for "statutory rape" all because of a month .
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