Man Shits Himself...

Discussion in 'Photos' started by Airbornemama, May 14, 2018.

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    Nov 27, 2016
    Here, there and everywhere!
    Gave no reasons as to why he was killed but it scared the shit right outta him!! They beat him and when they were done doing that they decided to cleanse his soul by setting him on fire!



  2. Maggot

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    Petrified poop, noice!
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  3. NotSureWhy

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    Cool, one think I'm surprised about is the lack of 'shitting your self' stuff
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  4. Spunkmeister

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    Dec 21, 2017
    Boiled it right out of him.
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  5. Dream Catcher

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    Oct 25, 2016
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    When one dies, there is no control over bladder or bowels. If you die with a full bladder or needing to poo, you will die and pee and poop yourself. I learned this when my epileptic sister had a seizure in the craft store. It was weird all around. She was pushing my 2yr old son in the cart behind me and ran into me. I caught her before she hit the floor (weird thing 1). One hand on the cart another on my sister I asked someone to call 911. This guy runs over, says he is a paramedic off duty (weird thing 2), asks what she has and starts working on her. She stopped breathing, then her heart stopped. I freaked and started compressions but worried about my son being taken or falling out of the cart. This old woman stood next to him and told me not to worry, she would watch him (semi-weird thing 3). My sister peed herself and we got her back just in time for the ambulance. The cashier asked if there was anyone she could call, I rattled off her husband's number and followed my sister out. (Weird thing 4)

    I was in front of her, and have no recall how i got behind her so fast to catch her. How often do you find a male in a craft store, and he just happens to be a paramedic, just when you need one? The woman was old, really old, but was shopping in a craft store and there at the perfect time. I'm thinking Angel. Under pressure, my memory is crap, but I remembered my brother in-laws number at work, which I called once. My sister is fine, living in the mountains with a different husband. Still epileptic. I got her a crash helmet to wear at home because just before I went to stay and help her out with driving and caring for her husbands mom, she had a seizure and her head smashed through the oven door glass. Scary.
    Sorry for the babble.
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  6. Medusa

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    Jan 27, 2018
    That was his present before he goes.
  7. Perfectcrime

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    May 31, 2017
    I think he let loose after he took his last breath...he was like, "Fuck this point I might as well shit myself." Why not it gives us sick fucks something to talk about. LMAO!!

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