Michigan man who admitted to raping diaper-clad boy pleads guilty

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    Michigan man who admitted to raping diaper-clad boy pleads guilty

    A Michigan man who admitted to raping and exploiting two young brothers faces the possibility of life in prison after pleading guilty to charges on Thursday.

    Tyler Lowis is seen in a booking photo obtained by WXMI.

    Tyler Lowis, 23, entered guilty pleas to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, as well a count of child sexually abusive materials, according to WXMI in Grand Rapids.

    Five other charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

    The case against Lowis began late last year when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children gave a tip to authorities regarding child pornography found on a Dropbox account belonging to Lowes.

    The files depicted children and infants being sexually assaulted by adults, WXMI reported.

    Lowis was arrested in Nov. 2016 after he allegedly confessed to sexually abusing two boys when Michigan State Police served a search warrant at the residence, WXMI reported, citing court documents.

    He also led troopers to additional child pornography, authorities said.

    Lowis allegedly told state police he had been sexually abusing two brothers, ages 12 and 14, including one from 2015 until the week before his arrest, the court documents stated.

    The documents also detailed disturbing videos of the defendant and one of the victims, alleging the man made the child “use a sippy cup, baby bottle, and diapers during sex.”

    According to television station WZZM in Grand Rapids, Lowis muffled the boy’s screams by giving him a pacifier.

    He also called the child his "baby boy," and referred to himself as “daddy," the documents stated.

    At the time of the incidents, Lowis was living with his wife at a mobile home community in Sparta.

    His sentencing is scheduled for next month. He faces a possible life sentence, according to WZZM.
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    If this piece of shit gets life it should be a life removed from his testicles and in the company of a very large, and very black, 'daddy' of his own.
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    Nah, a punk ass bitch is some young cocky dude acting like a tough guy. A punk ass bitch needs to get smacked in the mouth.

    This isn't a punk ass bitch. This is a piece of subhuman garbage unfit to inhabit civil society. I've said it before, I'm not bloodthirsty enough to want to see anyone tortured. I'm efficient about it. Someone who's demonstrated this kind of behavior/propensity deserves summary death. Cheap on the taxpayers and compassionate. Nothing short of that makes sense to me.
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    A punk ass bitch in prison is someone's bitch. Let them pound his ass till his ass hole turns inside out and make him wear lipstick.
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    only consolation is that at that age they won't remember shit

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