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    Oct 19, 2015
    Updated June 13, 2016:

    1) is strictly for adults 18 years of age or older. No Exceptions.

    2) Child pornography will not be tolerated in any form or fashion. Users posting such content will be banned immediately. We will cooperate fully with any law enforcement agencies contacting us in reference to any content containing such material. If the age of the individual(s) in the post is even remotely questionable, do NOT post it.

    3) Accusing other users of being pedophiles, whether seriously or in jest, will not be tolerated. You will be banned.

    4) Posting of other users’ personal information or images without their permission is strictly forbidden. If it hasn’t been written publicly on this site, and this site alone, it is off limits to divulge. (i.e. names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, instant messaging usernames, etc.)

    5) Sharing of private messages publicly is forbidden. Unless someone has sent you a message threatening, harassing or stalking you, private messages remain private. When in doubt, contact an Administrator, a Moderator, or Outlaw and/or Zeus.

    6) Any flaming or similar posts anywhere on Death Addict is strictly forbidden.

    While we believe in free speech and know that arguments can happen, We do not believe in free speech that demeans others (directly or indirectly) by virtue of their:
    Sexual Orientation
    Gender Identity
    Financial Status
    Social Status
    Political Beliefs
    Stance on Societal Issues

    This site is for adults and you will act like it...period. All of the above, and much more, may not always be to your liking, but you will not publicly degrade another member for them.

    Ideas and opinions are like assholes; the majority have them. They don't, however, give you the right to judge or belittle another one on our site.

    Think it...don't post it.

    Why did we come up with this rule?
    We simply decided that if you need to have the Internet or a community-based forum to use your anonymity to be a heartless, uncaring, constantly trolling prick, find joy in belittling others, and consider your forte or hobby to be winning "flame wars" on the Internet, then we have zero use for you on our web site. We can't stand bullies, online or off.

    No, this isn't a church and never will be, not even close. But We'll be damned if we're going to work our fingers to the bone, pay gobs of money to run this web site, and have fuckwits take away from it for others just so they can get their kicks at someone else's expense.

    Death Addict is for mature adults interested, intrigued or fascinated by the human condition; what the human body can be reduced to, what others can be driven to do to others, and for the news behind the news in uncensored form. It is most certainly NOT for those who just need to feel better by trying to create sometimes very real pain for others.

    The biggest complaint about shock/gore sites (and any site, really), is that the racism, gay-bashing and overall belittling of others is rampant. It won't be here. We despise those who use anonymity to treat others like shit.

    We have friends, offline and online, from all walks of life, various sexual preferences and opinions thereof. We also don't need to personally know you to believe you deserve respect. You give what you get.

    We're atheists, not particularly fond of Islam (especially), have times of shaking our head at what some races are seeming to be rampant at, and have particularly strong opinions in many other areas, but we believe in letting people live how they wish to live if it's legal to do so and until if and when it directly affects us. We're no goodie-two-shoes and never will claim to be. But that side of us won't come out on this site.

    Remember that this site is here for the subject matter, first and foremost, not as a playground for the intellectually limited and verbally immature. Tread carefully.

    7) Anything that shows publicly (i.e. usernames, avatars, signatures, etc) shall remain free of anything meant to incite, promote or convey racism, homophobia, etc. (See #2 & #6) If you're unsure that the username you came up with fits into one of these categories, message or email us. We don't bite unless specifically requested to.

    8) Links, images, videos or animations containing bestiality are strictly forbidden. (We freely admit we'll watch damn near anything, but it's not legal to have here, so just don't.) Explained: Yes, we realize Mr. Hands is on Death Addict. The reason it is here is because the video happens to depict the actions that led to his death. If it was simply a guy taking it in the ass from a horse, it wouldn't be here...unless we did it simply for the "old school" days of shock and gore sites. The bottom line is that bestiality is illegal nearly everywhere, and while we'll watch Sally get molested by her little dog Spot, we can't play with the law with Death Addict's content. Feel free to send it to us off-site though. *snicker*

    9) Spamming or phishing is strictly forbidden. Doing so will get you banned immediately and permanently.

    10) Usernames created to mock or appear as another user are strictly off limits.

    11) Posts and all parts thereof are to be written in the English language only. No exceptions.

    12) Signatures should follow these guidelines:
    • Reasonable font size
    • No advertising or referral/affiliate links
    • Ridiculously large images (at staff discretion)
    • Nothing breaking any of the other rules here

    13) Only one account per person. No exceptions. If there are numerous members of a single household wishing to be members of Death Addict’s forums, let us know. Each individual account needs to have its own email address. It’s important that you let us know, or your account could be banned for it.

    14) Anyone banned permanently will not be allowed to re-register with another account. Anyone banned temporarily, which will rarely be the case, will need to stay with the same account. Any attempts at creating new accounts, especially during a temporary ban, will result in a permanent ban.

    --------- and its forums are privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to remove any material from any post, thread, or profile and/or issue the appropriate "punishments" that we deem necessary.

    The owners and staff of and its forums do NOT condone or encourage the harming of any living creature. That being said, if it’s news, we’ll show it. We do NOT support or condone the behavior of terrorist groups. Any inclusion of content from ISIS and others is for the gore content and newsworthiness only. Neither the site's owners, nor any of its staff, support them in any way whatsoever.

    If we have any reason whatsoever to believe that a person, animal or other living creature was harmed for the sole purpose of inclusion on our forum, it will be deleted immediately and you will be banned immediately.

    By browsing and otherwise using Death Addict, you're acknowledging that you are here of your own choice, know the site’s content, and are choosing to view any and all material this site may contain.

    By registering with Death Addict, you agree to adhere to all rules above, as well as our Terms of Service.
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