The Original Night Stalker Phone Call Audio

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    The Original Night Stalker (also known as East Area Rapist) is a serial killer and a rapist who committed 50 rapes in Northern Carolina and murdered twelve people in Southern Carolina from 1979 through 1986.

    East Area Rapist is believed to have started as a prolific burglar, only later graduating to rape.

    Although he originally targeted women either alone in their homes or with children, he later came to prefer attacking couples instead.
    His standard procedure was to break in and awaken the occupants, threatening them with a handgun.
    Victims were generally bound with ligatures that the criminal brought to the crime scene, often blindfolding
    and/or gagging them with towels taken from the residence that he had carefully cut into strips.
    The female victim was made to tie up her male companion with bootlaces before being tied up herself.
    In many cases, these bindings were made so tightly that the victims had no feeling in their hands for
    hours after they were untied. He would then separate the couple, often stacking dishes on the back
    of the male, and telling him that if he heard the dishes rattle he would kill everyone in the house,
    the husband would lay there and listen to his wife being raped only a couple of meters away.

    The intruder at times spent hours in the home, ransacking closets and drawers, eating food in the kitchen,
    and coming back to utter more threats to the victims, who were often unsure as to whether he was still in the home.

    As part of his surveillance, the stalker was also known to call victims both before and after the night of the attack, sometimes hanging up,
    sometimes pretending to have the wrong number, and sometimes (in calls placed after the attack) threatening them.
    In one of these messages which was recorded by the victim in January 1978 the stalker repeats, "Gonna kill you."

    Want the fun part? The cheeky motherfucker was never caught or identified. :D
    More than 40 years have passed, he is now probably rocking on his porch chair, remembering the good old times and drinking earl grey tea.

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    Talk about psychological issues as a kid man. That is a clever fuck!
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    Nov 18, 2016
    interesting and creepy. thanks
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    That phone call takes creepy to a whole other level. Damn.
  5. yup really creepy phone call from a sick twisted individual.. his crimes escalated in a terrible way.. burglar to serial killer, he went totally insane !

    it remind me another call from a old lady that calls the police because a creepy guy came by her residence which is a bit isolated behind another one(wtf)
    he wanted to rent a room he saw from a ad in the paper news, but in fact it was a fake motive to try to enter her house because she never made any ad..
    during the phone call she says she is old and don't have anyone to support her so that why she called the police and at one point she start to scream and you can hear how hard she get adducted.. its really the best one i have heard from a 911 phone call..
    this call i'm talking about have been used in many training by the person who talks on the phone when you dial 911, because that call had many critical error like taking too much time for the police to come and not taking her seriously..
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    Nov 20, 2016
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    Here's more information regarding this killer.

    Original Night Stalker - Wikipedia

    The psychological profile is very interesting to read, that and including his drawings and essays.
    • White male
    • Dressed well and would not stand out in upscale neighborhoods
    • Drove a well-maintained car
    • Emotional age of 26 to 30 at the time the crimes were committed
    • Engaged in deviant paraphilic behavior and brutal sex in his personal life
    • Engaged in sex with prostitutes
    • Had a criminal record as a teenager that was expunged
    • Had some knowledge of police investigative methods and evidence-gathering techniques
    • Had some means of income, but did not work in the early morning hours
    • Hated women for real or perceived wrongs
    • If married, probably has a submissive spouse who tolerated his sexually deviant behavior
    • Intelligent and articulate
    • Likely began as a voyeur in his late teens or early twenties
    • Lived and/or worked near Ventura, California, in 1980
    • Neat and well-organized in his personal life
    • Peeped into the windows of many potential victims who were not attacked
    • Possibly unmarried and did not enter into long-term relationships
    • Self-assured and confident in his abilities
    • Sexually functional and capable of ejaculation with consenting and non-consenting partners
    • Was a skilled and experienced cat burglar and may have begun that way
    • Was in good physical condition
    • Would appear harmless
    • Would continue committing violent crimes until incapacitated by prison, death, or some other intervention
    • Would have been described by those who knew him as arrogant, domineering, manipulative, and a chronic liar.
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    This just makes me cringe and it annoys me and I feel disgusted. Idk why but i hate hearing other people breathe and I hate hearing any human noises they make. Whispering is gross. If I got this call, I would just get grossed out by all the noises lmfao I wouldn't care about anything else
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    nunya damn
    The Original Night Stalker (also known as East Area Rapist) is a serial killer and a rapist who committed 50 rapes in Northern Carolina and murdered twelve people in Southern Carolina from 1979 through 1986.
    Where did this happen?
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    I love this omg so creepy. And it totally sounds like a random teenage asshole playing a prank at first.... what makes it really blood curdling is the fact that this is really from the lips of a killer and when he says he’s gonna kill you, he actually means it.

    Stacking dishes on the men’s backs- that is so creative.
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    VERY late to the party here., but I think this guy is talking about Ruth.

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    Jan 10, 2018

    Yeah... this did me in way more than the breathing dude. I would not want to be a 911 operator, fuck that noise.
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    He should give me a call!.... I don't mind a bit of heavy breathing and threatening to kill, kinda turns me on! :buttsex:
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    This should be in the porn section....:sex::bdsm:

    I just listened again.... got me all horny.. *Devil* ... :drool:

    Don't tell me I'm the only girl on this forum that's into this shit?.... comments welcome :)
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    Ooh man I got full body chills from that!

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