War Is A Racket

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    Feb 7, 2017
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    Senator Bernie Sanders once eloquently phrased the debacle in Iraq as, "the worst foreign policy blunder yet". I placed the emphasis on "yet", because there ain't no telling what lies ahead on this treacherous mountain road.
    The MIC has a lengthy history of supporting "intervention efforts" that only to serve to further destabilize regions that are already awash in conflict and turmoil.
    Any time faraway countries see a bloody power struggle at the domestic level, the US government sees that as an excuse to intervene and capitalize on the struggles of "The Other Government". This is so OUR military budget can exponentially grow and outgrow our "allies" AND "adversaries". It's indeed a power struggle, a bloody competition between militaries and governments. Ours is the most ambitious, and most willing to shed blood just to get ahead.
    I see our military budget as a water-logged balloon that is almost ready to burst, but not quite there yet. When it does burst, American voters may undergo a mass awakening (if they haven't already).
    But we may have to sift through mass carnage and physical/fiscal destruction before that happens.
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    Tell me about it, there is no better way to boost the economy than war. War is the real power behind any government, their ability to wage war.
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