Why Death Addict Was Created...and More

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    I get asked things behind the scenes, whether via PM or email, about the whys, hows, etc of Death Addict, so I created this thread to post all of it, as well as to field anymore questions anyone may have. You're still welcome to PM me or email me to ask any others if you'd rather not ask publicly.

    I present to you, tl;dr:

    Q: Why did you create Death Addict when it seems the shock/gore market is flooded already?

    A: I created it with @Outlaw , as mentioned in my introduction thread, primarily because when I first found and joined the gore scene way back in 1997 (more seriously and loyally in 2002), it was a family-like forum-based community. A new admin who became power hungry ran it into the ground and slowly started "killing off" the original "family" members. I left and never looked back. Only one came anywhere close to it after I left, and it too went straight to hell after ownership changed hands and cliques started forming, and the original members left in droves. Neither of the aforementioned sites exist anymore. (Gee. I wonder why.)

    Others sprung up in their places, but never quite caught on. Another thing was that they sprung up specifically to replace those sites, so the cliques and drama that forum-based communities can (and often do) have came with them. They, too, are no more. I pretty much assumed there'd never be another site like them, so resigned myself to just looking at content.

    I ran across good content and a couple of good sites, but one was too limited, and the other let any and everything someone wanted to post be posted. Just about zero rules to speak of...or enforced, anyway. That's when I decided I needed to start my own if I ever wanted anything remotely resembling "the good ol' days to exist again.

    Q: So, how does one do it, anyway?

    A: Well, I was first going to have to figure out how to pay for it. My bills are paid, but not a lot left afterwards. So, I did what any shameless fuckwit would do and went to dear old dad (and @Outlaw ). I explained what I was wanting to do and why, and he (my Dad) semi-reluctantly helped me come up with the money down for the forum software and license. ($249, if you must know.) I started it out in vBulletin 5.0 and it was buggy and a mess, so scrapped the entire site I'd spent night and day creating, and started from scratch with vBulletin 4.2.3. Both my host (GoDaddy) and the forum software were becoming pains in the ass, so I start scrounging and saving for Xenforo forum software; more secure, more functional, and more mobile-friendly. I, luckily, didn't have to for too long, because between donations and one hell of a great guy (and amazing server guru), I was able to get the forum software, a much better host, and more reliable site overall.

    Then I needed a good, reputable player for the vids. JW Player and Flowplayer are the only ones I considered. Both have their perks, but in the end, Flowplayer was cheaper. Terror kinda liked working with it more too. So...I bought that license - $91 at the time.

    I was n00bing along and liking what was happening, but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do some of the more intricate customizing of things. I searched high and low for not only the answers, but someone patient enough to help a 'tard out. Just when I was giving up hope, along came @Terror; an amazing guy. He's a member and the tech guru here. I never looked back. Not only had I found a frigging coding God, but one hell of a guy too.

    Q: How did you get the word out about Death Addict?

    A: I was worried sick about that part. First, though, I needed to get some content on here. I went through my hard drive and started posting. At first, I went with the classics and the "everyone knows 'em" videos and photo sets. Then I went with some newer content. I'd always been a sucker for details, and noticed not many sites that exist today include the back stories and "what ever happened to" details that I like, so I made that something I wanted to include if and when at all possible.

    To this day, we don't actually market Death Addict anywhere. From time to time I'll post a link to an ISIS video (and lately, a few other brutal deaths) on one site. Aside from that, it's all been word of mouth and people apparently running across a watermarked video. Our Google rank on some of the most viral content in this genre, both new and ancient, is fucking AMAZING too!

    Q: How is Death Addict doing compared to the competition? (Prospective advertisers, take note)

    A: I'm proud to say that Death Addict is a major hit...and climbing daily and weekly. When it first hit, it didn't even rank on Alexa or Google's ranking systems. When it finally did, we were ranked 2,000,000-something in the world, and 500,000-something in the USA, according to Alexa. Fast forward to today (January 15, 2017), and we're now ranked 43,845 in the entire world, and 8,614 in America - all with zero marketing. I don't know about you, but we think that's pretty fucking awesome!

    Just six months into our existence, we blew past a gore site that has been around for roughly seven years. In the USA, we've now passed one that's been around for about 10 years. We're gaining on them fast to take their spot in the world, too.

    Q: What about the name, Death Addict? It makes it sound like you get off on the death and demise of others!

    A: Truth be told, I don't blame people for thinking that, based on the name, but here's how it actually came to be... I was brainstorming with @Outlaw and trying to think of things that were both relevant to the content, and semi-catchy, for lack of better words. Hell, we went through Blood Barn and other cheesy ideas, up to some good ones, which were either taken or too long. Then suddenly he blurted out, "Death Addict, like a play on 'Meth Addict'!" I went and registered the sumbitch, and here we are. Then I, personally, came up with the ever-so-clever-and-no-one-else-would-ever-think-of-it-cuz-I'm-cooler-than-they-are tagline of "Death is a Hell of a Drug" (as a play on both the meth version of that cliche, and the fact that many of use are eerily drawn to the macabre and morbid and can't look away). That's the entire story and reason behind the name.

    Q: And the logo? Are you serious with that shit?

    A: First of all, fuck you very much. Secondly, I just yikes skullz and the site is about death and shit, so we just ran with it. I actually had the font in my head before I was "lucky" enough to find it. I spent minutes and minutes on the Death Addict title graphic ya see above, after purchasing extended use rights to the skull (sans the shades). Is it über cool and holy shit creative and unique? Nope, but it's ight. It's not the logo I was real focused on. If I can keep the font and the skull portion of the logo, I'll accept suggestions/contributions on the rest of it.

    Q: Is Death Addict making you any money?

    A: Not a dime. Not yet, anyway. All the money is outbound.

    We've had people, both publicly and privately, thank us for not plastering the site with "get laid tonight" and "watch her strip and flick her bean and shit" ads all over the site. We'd like to keep it that way, but it's probably not going to be possible. Hopefully, the majority of any ads we implement will be for guests/unregistered users though.

    I do want (and kinda need) the site to make me money soon though. I'd love to adhere to the lack of porn ads and other random crap that every controversially-based site uses. But, I've gotta find something soon. My wish is to open it up to advertisers, who can be individuals or small businesses, who have a product or service they think death heads would be interested in. Cost will be ironed out, but the more prominent the placement, the higher the cost, etc. I'll try my best to keep them from being invasive and annoying, but ads are the only way I'll be able to keep Death Addict alive for much longer. I just don't want to inundate the site with shit tons of them.


    It's our wish to have Death Addict be a place where you can come to both satisfy a morbid curiosity that few publicly admit they have, and a place where you can possibly make some new online friends in the process.

    Again, you can PM or click on Contact Us at the bottom right of every page, and reach me anytime.


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